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When it comes to digital flipbooks, Issuu is the unchallenged leader. There’s just something special about the tactile feeling and the elegant page-turns. Your content will not only look beautiful and professional, it will instantly immerse your readers like never before.

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What is a flipbook?

A flipbook is a digital window into original content. It’s a very easy and professional way to take a PDF of any document, file, or design and publish it instantly online. Instead of a long scrolling web page, your document is transformed into a beautiful, flippable book. You can even embed videos and add live links.

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Simply upload your PDF to Issuu, and we’ll publish it for you! Your flipbook will have its own dedicated page on Issuu. Or, if you’d like to use your flipbook on your own website, blog, eStore, or LMS, simply grab an embed code and you’re ready to go. Or share a full-screen link via email or social media.

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Issuu flipbooks help you achieve big goals. Generate revenue by selling single-copies or subscriptions (commision-free!) with Digital Sales. Get an SEO boost from our AMP-optimized mobile Article Stories. Discover an audience in the Issuu Catalog, or expand your own audience through Visual Stories for social media.

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