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Our digital publishing software has everything you need to get from ideation to publication. Issuu is the world's leading digital publishing solution to tell your story and share your vision with readers. When you publish a product guide, manuscript, or even the next bestseller, your efforts will be readable on any device in an immersive digital format.

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Publishers of all kinds trust Issuu for their digital needs

Why do publishers choose Issuu?

Our digital publishing software is trusted all over the world because our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow. Your publishing needs can be as simple as uploading a PDF, or creating an entire book from scratch. No matter what you decide to craft, we take the guesswork out of the entire process so you can focus on what you do best.

Issuu Platforms

Specific solutions for publishers:

make your eBook with issuu


Tell your story and even create a new revenue stream by using our digital publishing software to create and distribute an eBook. Easily add stunning photos, helpful videos, and other content to create a full-scale multimedia experience that can easily be embedded directly into your website or shared on social media. You can also sell your eBook using our Digital Sales feature with zero-commission fees.

make your pamphlet with issuu


Engage your audience and effectively share information at a glance with a well crafted pamphlet. Add new dimensions to your pamphlet by embedding links to your other content or website. Your pamphlet can be edited in real time so you can make changes on the fly without having to redistribute, and sharing is as easy as clicking copy and paste for the unique embed code.

make your digital catalog with issuu

Digital catalog

Showcase your product or service in style by creating an interactive digital catalog with our digital publishing software. You don’t just display your product in your catalog, you sell it! A digital catalog becomes an effective extension of your direct-to-consumer efforts allowing you to sell your product directly in the catalog itself. Enable the Fullscreen feature to engage readers further and incorporate your brand identity.

make your digital textbook with issuu

Digital textbook

Keeping information current is a challenge all educators face. When you publish your own digital textbook, your texts can evolve and adapt to precisely fit the newest findings, incorporate information from new sources and remove outdated information instantly. A digital textbook allows you to be inclusive to all learning styles by incorporating videos, presentations, and linking directly to peer reviewed publications.

make your digital magazine with issuu

Digital magazine

Our digital publishing software has produced countless magazines in a wide array of niches and interests. Simply upload your viewable content and written editorial content with our digital publishing software, arrange, and save. You can publish and distribute your magazine in just a few clicks and share it with the world through all your social channels. Issuu gives you the option to sell your magazine as standalone content or as part of a recurring subscription.

Publish on Issuu and distribute everywhere

Publishing content using our digital publishing software gives you a leg up on distribution. Your content can be easily shared to all of your digital channels. You can share your publication on social media, include it in a newsletter, display it on your website, and include it on Issuu, where it’s searchable.

Multichannel sharing

Create a subscriber base and build a following

Promotion and distribution are key considerations built into our digital publishing software. If you publish content consistently or just have one standalone piece, we help you share what you have created to those that matter most to you and your brand.

Sharing on social

Publishing tools and effective workflow collaboration

Our digital publishing software is designed to work intuitively with your existing workflow. Publications are a team effort and Issuu Collaborate keeps everyone on the same page. This solution was built with publishing teams in mind and includes status tracking, editing feedback approvals, and a static location for creative assets. Your entire workflow can exist on one software solution from first draft to distribution.

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Publishers: FAQs

  • Publishing online is a much more eco-friendly and cost-effective solution than traditional publishing. Since you are moving your distribution to digital you avoid the expense of physical printing and you can distribute instantly across all of your channels. With the added ability to incorporate multimedia content, a digital publication is interactive and far more engaging.

  • Creating any publication with our digital publishing software gives you access to a new stream of revenue. You can distribute your publications as a standalone or subscription-based asset - commission-free. Your digital publication can also link directly to your website or eCommerce store with shoppable links so you can promote and sell directly to your audience.

  • Starting a digital publication is simple. If you already have a print publication in place you simply upload it to the digital publishing software rather than your printing house. If you are starting from scratch, craft written content and include creative assets that will engage your audience. Share and promote your finished publication across all of your channels to build up your reader base and create a following.

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